Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Invitation in gmail

Today, if you open a gmail, click compose mail, you'll  discover new ones there. Invitation.
Yes, there is now a new addition at gmail.
See the picture below:

How do I use it:
1. Click the invitation (see arrow above)
2. In the box, fill.
For example like this:

Note: The guest list comes from the list of email recipients. Edit the "To / Cc / Bcc" fields on the email message to add or remove guests.

3. Click insert invitation
4. If still there is something wrong, you can edit them, click edit. (see arrow)

5. Click update invitation.
6. Invitation ready to send to your friends.

After I checked, not all gmail address get additional this invitation. And I was lucky to get it. Thank you google mail.