Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Gmail Adds Superstars, Nested Labels, Advanced IMAP Controls

Today Gmail adds Gmail Superstars, Nested Labels and Advanced IMAP Controls.

Superstars, one of the most popular Labs features, provides different types of stars in addition to Gmail’s basic one. You can assign a certain star to special conversations and use another as a visual reminder that you need to follow-up on a message later. You can now choose your own set of stars from Settings:

You can choose: 1 star, 4 stars or all stars and then save changes.

Once you’ve done that, the stars will rotate with each consecutive click on the star icon.

Nested Labels
Labels are a great way of organizing your email; nested labels give you the ability to organize labels hierarchically. Starting today, nested labels are enabled for everyone along with a couple of small improvements such as a sticky collapse/expand state and better editing options.

 for more color, click add custom color

To start using them, you can either create a new sub-label from the dropdown menu on the left hand side or just move an existing label under another one using the edit option:

Advanced IMAP Controls
This Labs feature provided a very useful set of advanced controls for those of you who access Gmail through IMAP clients (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, or your iPhone’s native mail app). Now it’s easier to take advantage of features like syncing only selected labels or limiting the folder size limit to improve your IMAP experience.

Please to try it. Thank you gmail, my email is now full color. :D