Sunday, 12 June 2011

Picasa Web Albums

Picasa, fast and easy photo sharing from Google.
Photo available on our blog, automatically stored in Picasa.
If you want to save or sharing the photo, open
click upload >> write the title >> select the visibility (there are 3 options) >> click continue.

You can drag photos or select photos from your computer.
After your upload finish, click OK.

Now Picasa Web Albums is more complete:
- You can write an album description.
- You can share your photos to your friend.
- You can create an album maps.
- You can create tags.
- Data Exif from your photos now also available.
- You can embed photos album to your website or blog.
and more.

Newest version, Picasa 3.8.
About Picasa 3.8 and Picasa Web Album you can read here.
For download Picasa 3.8 open