Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Birthday of Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri

Google, today came with a theme birthday of Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri.

Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri Born in (July 26, 1899) and died in (January 1, 1997) Arab poet Great (Mutanabbi age), who is from Iraq was born in Najaf, his father Abdul-Hussein world of scholars of Najaf, he wanted his son to be a religious scholar, so wear mantle of scientists and their turbans at the age of ten. Origins of the jeweler to the family of an Arab Najafih long, I got Najaf century atheist century AH, and its members were dubbed the "al-Najafi," and gained her title this "jeweler" in relation to the book of jurisprudential values ​​written by one of the ancestral family, Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Najafi, and he called the "Jewels of speech in explaining the laws of Islam "and comprising 44 volumes, after the title of" the jewels ", and his family nicknamed the" Al Jeweler "and the title came from the jeweler. The Koran is read at an early age and then his father sent him to the senior teachers to teach writing, reading, grammar, rhetoric, jurisprudence. And plans of his father and others to be kept in every day speech rhetoric and approach of the poem from the Court of Abu Tayeb skill.

Poetry at an early age and has shown a tendency since childhood, he went to the literature read in the book of the statement and the Identification and introduction to Ibn Khaldun, and collections of poetry, was the first in his life wearing a dress for the clergy, and participated in the revolted in 1920 against the British authorities.

Bureau issued a "between feeling and emotion" in (1928). The first collection of poetry have been prepared since (1924) to be published under the title "thoughts of love and poetry in the country and praise." And then worked briefly in the court of King Faisal I, when he was crowned king of Iraq and was still wearing a turban, and then leave the turban and left to engage in the court Faisali and started working with the press after he left Najaf to Baghdad, he issued a series of newspapers, including Al (Euphrates) and Al ( coup) and Al (public opinion), and several times elected president of the Iraqi Writers Union.

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