Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to Sign Up to Google Adsense

How to Sign Up to Google Adsense?

1. Visit here and then click sign up now at the top right corner.

2. Contents of the data according to the instructions.
* In the Website URL, write the address of your site or blog. Example:
* On the website language, select English (if you use English).
* Make sure that your blog is listed in Google or click

Even though you're using blogspot, if your blog is good, good traffic, google adsense will receive your application. One more, the language of the blog you should use a language that already support with Google Adsense.

What languages does AdSense support? For detail read here.

3. There are menu contact information:
* Account type, select "Individual"
* Country or territory, select your country.

4. Payee name (full name), write your full name in accordance with ID cards and bank accounts. And the complete contents of the home address, telephone in the column on the available.

Now, to fill in the name and address in the request, Google Adsense allow only character ISO-Latin-1.
For detail read here.

5. Check as a sign that you agree with the policy of Google Adsense.

6. Select the email would you use to log on Google Adense, old or new email.

7. Next, once again check the information that you write and click Submit Information.

8. Completed. You can just wait for the approval email from Google Adsense.
Pray, may be accepted :)

Once you receive an email from Google Adsense and your request is received, you can login to your account. Edit your ads to be displayed, and post it on your blog.

Is it finished? not yet.
This does not mean you are accepted as a publisher.

At first ad will not appear on your blog, just as deserted as the background color of your blog.
Within 4 working days, Google Adsense will continue to monitor the blog, whether you deserve to be publisher or not.

Pray that you received, and can put ads on your blog.

Good Luck!