Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Holidays - Google Doodle December 2011

Today (25 December 2011), google doodles in some countries present to the theme of Happy Holidays. Except in Islamic countries, like Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. google doodles appear normal.

Google Doodle logo before the click

You can play the google doodles logo this time by pressing the buttons there.
To listen to the whole, must be pressed in sequence all the colored squares. The blue button turns on the first letter "G", represented by a snowflake, the red square will replace the first "O" with a Santa Claus, the yellow sostitituirĂ  the second "O" with a bell on Christmas, the second blue square transform the letter "g" in a snowman, and then the green will change the "L" and the last candle in a red square will put the gift in place of the letter "E".
Wait a few seconds and the animation and the tune of Jingle Bells.

Video Google Doodle December 2011- Happy Holidays
Google doodles animation December 2011 - Happy Holidays you can see on the video below. This is the google doodle animation is very good.

Happy Holidays!