Thursday, 26 January 2012

Doodle 4 Google 2011 National Winner - Australia

Google Doodle today (January 26, 2012) in Australia come with a theme Doodle 4 Google 2011 National Winner - Australia.

In pictures google doodle, look beautiful and peaceful nature.
The letter "G" on the post GOOGLE there are pictures of palm trees bend with the reflection in the water.
The letter "O" there is a bird flapping its wings are colorful.
The letter "O" the second, like a lump of snow.
The letter "G" is reflected from a tree and its soil.
The letter "L" with a tree.
And the letter "E" depicted by the mountains.
(correct me if I am wrong).

In 2011, Google asks young people from across Australia to design their own doodle. The theme in 2011 was the 'My Future Australia'. Google wants to see what young people want the future of Australia to look like. The best doodles will be voted on by the public, and one winner will be shown on the Google Australia homepage for a day, to be viewed by millions of people.

Winner in 2011 was Timothy Winkels (in the category of 7-8 years), whose image is displayed on the Google Doodle today. Congratulations Timothy!
Following this, a speech from Timothy Winkels.

My Future Australia
My Future Australia is creating more National Parks and saving the environment. I want a place to go when the world around me darkens, and the only place I could find refuge in is nature itself, away from man-made environment and people. Sometimes nature is such a good refuge that I escape my own self. The environment saves me, so I am responsible enough to save it.

Timothy Winkels
Padua College Mornington, Victoria