Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Wan brothers' 112th birthday, directors of "The Monkey King" - Google Doodle January 18, 2012

Google Doodle today (january 18, 2012) come with a theme The Wan brothers' 112th birthday. The Wan brothers' as directors of "The Monkey King"
Google doodle with this theme available in Australia, Hongkong, Japan ect.

The Wan Brothers Doodle is basically an interactive animation. Once you start the Google homepage, G appears an animated logo. A Chinese monkey is emblematic of the G in the logo and conjures from his coat-hair with the help of a little puff the remaining letters of the logo letters (oogle).

The first O is represented by an apple. The second O is a sort of wheel or hub. The second G is represented by a building in the style of China. Meanwhile, the L is a magic wand. The E is not a bag of rice, but like a piƱata, what immediately comes into play when you acitvate the interactive part of the Monkey King Doodle.

Now by clicking on the individual letters of the logo, will come movement in the Wan Brothers Monkey King Doodle by Google. The monkey turns and looks toward the viewer. The monkey turns it's eyes and giggling loudly. The apple gets a bite at the apple, if you drive only the mouse over the Apple. If you click on the apple, he is promptly eaten, to the apple core. And hey presto appears as if by magic, a new (whole) apple. The steering wheel or whatever that icon is, meanwhile, in flames. It turns and burns, and it appears the head of a Monkey, who chuckles as well. The traditional style building in China seems to have a tail. If you click on the building so moves the tail behind the building and shows a chinese symbol.

But the highlight of the interactive Wan Brother Doodle is, however, the magic wand. By clicking on the magic wand sounds solemn, joyous Chinese music and the magic wand flies and hovers over the entire Google Homepage wildly rotating around its own axis. The mysterious bag is also interactive. If you click on the bag will appear by and by various objects.

The Wan brothers' 112th birthday, directors of "The Monkey King" - Google Doodle January 18, 2012 in animation.

I'm sorry, his voice does not appear. I do not know the location of faults.