Friday, 17 February 2012

106 лет со дня рождения Агнии Барто - 106th Birthday of Agnes Barto

Google Doodle today February 17, 2012 in Russia come with a theme 106  лет со дня рождения Агнии Барто ( 106th Birthday of Agnes Barto ).
The picture of Google Doodle looks a bear, letters "Google" as there is snow in the winter. I think this is a theme taken from Agnes Barto's first poem, entitled "Bear-thief".

Who is Agnes Barto?

Agnes L. Barto (nee Getel Leybovna Volova (1906-1981) - Soviet novelist, screenwriter, author of poems for children. Laureate of Lenin (1972) and the Stalin Prize, second degree (1950).

She was born on 4 (17) in February 1906 in the family vet Leo oxen.

* The first published poem "Kitaychonok Wan Li" and "Bear-thief" (1925). Collections of "Poems for Children" (1949), "For the flowers in the winter forest" (1970).

* Prose book "Find a Man" (1968) about the search for families of children that were lost during World War II, shows a love for children and an understanding of child psychology.

* The book "Notes of a children's poet" (1976).

* Writer movies "Foundling" (with Rina Green, 1939), "The Elephant and the Rope" (1945), "Alyosha Ptitsyn produces character" (1958), 10,000 boys (1961).

A. L. Barto, died April 1, 1981. She was buried in the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

Honors and Awards
  • Stalin Prize of the second degree (1950) - a collection of "Poems for Children" (1949)
  • Lenin Prize (1972) - a book of poems "In the winter, flowers in Forest" (1970) (award of works for children)
  • Order of Lenin
  • Order of October Revolution
  • Two of the Order of Red Banner of Labor
  • Order "Badge of Honor"
  • Medal "For the rescue of drowning"
  • Medal "Miner» I degree (from the miners of Karaganda)
  • The medal "For Military Merit"
  • Order of the Smile
  • International Gold Medal of Leo Tolstoy's "For merits in creating works for children and young people" (posthumously).
The name Agnes Barto awarded one of the minor planets (2279 Barto), located between Mars and Jupiter, as well as one of the craters on Venus.

Most of the poems written by Agnes Barto for children - preschoolers and elementary school students. The style is very light, easy to read poems and remember the children. Wolfgang Kozak calls them "rhymed primitive." The author speaks as if the child simple everyday language, without the lyrical digressions and descriptions - but in rhyme. And the conversation is with young readers, as if the author of the same age. Poetry has always Barto on a contemporary theme, it seemed to be telling the story of the recent case, with its characteristic aesthetics of characters called by name: "We are with Tamara," "Who does not know Lyuba," "Our Tanya crying bitterly," "Leshenka, Leshenka, do a favor "- though it is a familiar and Leshenka Tanyah who's such shortcomings, rather than on child readers.

On the Internet Agnes Barto attributed the poem "The Circus", supposedly written in 1957. This is a poem in 2010, copied by many bloggers. In fact, the verse is written in the year 2009 the poet Mikhail Yudovsky. You can draw parallels with the poem "Volodin portrait" actually written Agnis Barto in 1957.

In Omsk musical group "Catty Patty" in the repertoire of a composition "Agnes Barto."

source wikipedia