Saturday, 4 February 2012

Now, Google Adsense support Indonesian language

From the date of February 1, 2012, Google Adsense website officially supports the Indonesian language. They even asked to keep it, "Let's celebrate by raising our hands in a Kecak dance, watching a puppet show or cooking Indonesian traditional recipes."

Following statement:

We’re glad to announce that Indonesian has just joined the family of AdSense supported languages. Let’s celebrate by raising our hands in a kecak dance, watching a wayang kulit show or cooking traditional Indonesian recipes.

If you have a website in Bahasa Indonesia, you'll now be able to earn money by showing Google AdSense ads. To get started, sign up for an AdSense account. We'll review your application and in the meantime, we recommend you get familiar with the basics of AdSense and our policies.

If you already have an AdSense account, simply implement AdSense on your site in Bahasa Indonesia to start displaying contextually targeted ads.

You can now also implement AdSense for Mobile content on your mobile sites in Bahasa Indonesia. Check out our Help Center to learn how to implement AdSense on a mobile site.

Selamat datang di program AdSense!

Posted by Emanuele Brandi, Product Sales Lead

If you open a link, of whatever language that supports Google Adsense? Indonesia is listed there.

Congratulations especially to my friends in Indonesia who have a website with the Indonesian language, because now the Indonesian language support Google Adsense.

For sign up to Google Adsense click here.

Good luck!