Monday, 12 March 2012

Arbor Day - Google Doodle March 12, 2012

Google Doodle today March 12, 2012 in Hong Kong come with a theme Arbor Day.
Google logo visible on the picture 2 people are planting trees and watering.
The letter 'G' is reflected by a large tree and a bird.
The letter 'O' and 'O' illustrated with full-tree twigs with leaves shade of red and orange.
The letter 'G' is reflected by a bird and squirrel perched on the branches.
The letter 'L' painted with a tree.
The letter 'E' illustrated with seeokor birds and twigs.
Most of the earth appears dark because the sun's shadow.

Arbor Day in Republic of China (Taiwan)

Arbor Day (植樹節) has been a traditional holiday in the Republic of China since 1927. In 1914, the founder of the agricultural college at Nanking University suggested to the now-defunct Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry that China should imitate the practice in the United States of Arbor Day. 

The holiday would be held the same day as the Qingming Festival. However, for unknown reasons, the suggestion was not made through the formal process, so nothing came from this original request. After the successful conclusion of the Northern Expedition, the now-defunct Ministry of Agriculture and Minerals formally petitioned the Executive Yuan to establish Arbor Day to commemorate the passing of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Father of Modern China. 

He had been a major advocate of afforestation in his life, because it would increase people's livelihoods. The Executive Yuan approved Arbor Day in the spirit of Dr. Sun that year and has since been celebrated on March 12 for this purpose.

People's Republic of China (Mainland China)

In 1981, the fourth session of the Fifth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China adopted the "Resolution on the unfolding of a nationwide voluntary tree-planting campaign". 

This resolution established Arbor Day (植树节) and stipulated that every able-bodied citizen between the ages of 11 and 60 should plant three to five trees per year or do the equivalent amount of work in seedling, cultivation, tree tending or other services. Supporting documentation instructs all units to report population statistics to the local afforestation committees as the basis for workload allocation. Moreover, those failing to do their duty are expected to make up planting requirements, provide funds equivalent to the value of labor required or pay heavy fines. Therefore, the tree-planting campaign is actually compulsory, or at least obligatory (that is, an obligation to the community). The "voluntary" in the title referred to the fact that the tree-planters would "volunteer" their labor. 

The People's Republic of China celebrates Arbor Day on March 12, a day founded by Lin Daoyang, continue to use following the date of Arbor Day of Republic of China.

via wikipedia.