Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Juan Ruflo's 95th Birthday - Google Doodle May 16, 2012

Google Doodle today May 16, 2012 in Mexico come with a theme 95º Cumpleaños de Juan Rulfo or Juan Ruflo's 95th Birthday.

Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno (stage name Juan Rulfo), (Sayula, May 16, 1917 - Mexico City, January 7, 1986) was a writer, screenwriter and Mexican photographer belongs to the generation of 52.3 Rulfo's reputation rests on two small books: the Burning Plain, consisting of seventeen short stories published in 1953, and the novel Pedro Paramo, published in 1955. This is one of the most prestigious writers of the twentieth century, despite being bit prolific. Has been considered one of the most prominent writers in the Spanish language of this period, along with Jorge Luis Borges, a survey by Alfaguara.

Juan Rulfo was one of the great American writers of the twentieth century, which belonged to the literary movement known as magic realism, and his work presents a combination of reality and fantasy, whose action takes place in American settings, and characters represent and reflect the quaintness of the place, with its large socio-cultural issues woven into the fantasy world.

Biography of Juan Rulfo

Name                Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno
Born                  May 16, 1917
                         Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico
Died                  January 7, 1986 (aged 68)
                         Mexico City
Occupation       Writer, Screenwriter, Photographer
Nationality         Mexican

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