Tuesday, 1 May 2012

五一节快乐 (Labour Day) - Google Doodle May 01, 2012

Google doodle Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, ect today May 01, 2012 come with a theme 五一节快乐 or labour day.
The google logo, it looks a worker being lifted up a sign saying GOOGLE.
And red tool bag near the worker.

May Day on May 1 is an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday; it is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures.

International Workers day in Australia

Workers day in Australia is usually celebrated on the 1st Monday in March. In Tasmania and Victoria it is only celebrated on the 2nd Monday in March which may explain why there is not a Google Doodle for Labour day this year on the Australia Google Search Engine. In the Australia Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia Labour day is only celebrated in October.

May Day Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries where “May Day” is celebrated every year. It is an official holiday in Pakistan however many people in Pakistan do not know that it is a public holiday in pakistan and do not celebrate the day and go to work as normal.

May Day India

In india May Day is celebrated as a National Holiday. It is called Labor day and in on the 1st of May every year.

Malaysia Hari Buruh – May Day

“Hari Buruh” is Labour day in Malay. In Malaysia workers day is on 1st of May every year, and it is an official public holiday in Malaysia.
Workers day in New Zealand

If you were expecting a Google Doodle in New Zealand for May Day you may have to check the search engine again on the fourth Monday in October. New Zealand are only celebrating Labor day in October. Although New Zealand have a more than 100 years tradition of celebrating Workers day they do not celebrate it in May.
May Day in the Philippines

In the Philippines they do celebrate “May Day” on the 1st of May and it is also declared a National Public Holiday. Providing much relieve to the Phillippines work force.
Trinidad and Tobago Workers day

In Trinidad and Tobago May day is not celebrated in May. In Trinidad and Tobago they celebrate National Workers day on the 19th of June. The holiday was proposed in 1973 to be commemorated on the anniversary of the 1937 Butler labour riots. Workers day is now an official holiday in June in Trinidad and Tobago.
May Day in Syria and Egypt

Workers day is celebrated in Syria and Egypt and in both these countries the 1st day of May is celebrated as a National Holiday for workers.
May Day in the United States

In the United States of America May Day is not officially celebrated as a public holiday. It is however celebrated by many American’s Settlers from European origins. In Europe May Day is celebrated in many countries on the continent and when these settlers came to America they brought this traditions with them.

According to Wikipedia, May Day is celebrated in the United States by May Baskets are made. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver. If they catch the person, a kiss is exchanged.

Modern May Day ceremonies in the U.S. vary greatly from region to region and many unite both the holiday’s “Green Root” (pagan) and “Red Root” (labor) traditions. The 1st of May in the United States are also recognized as Law Day.

May Day in the Pacific USA

In Hawaii, May Day is also known as Lei Day, and is normally set aside as a day to celebrate island culture in general and native Hawaiian culture in particular. Invented by a poet and a local newspaper columnist in the 1920s, it has since been adopted by state and local government as well as the residents, and has taken on the sense of a general spring celebration.

more detail read here.