Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Add Location in the Article Blogspot

If you want adding location on your article, its easy now.You can look under the compose page. Before this time, you can finding only labels and post options.

Add location of this facility is already emerging in early May 2011. But when it's not perfect. When I tried it there was no change in my blog article.
Now, the facility add location have been perfect.
It is suitable for you who travel frequently, so you can include photos of the location where you can get.
Or it could be to show the place where you write the article. For example when the task out of town, so blog readers know your current location.

How do I add a location in the article?

1.Login to
dashboard => design => page elements, see on the blog posts, click edit => check on the location => save.

2. Write an article.
To add locations, see below.
click add => enter the location you want => save.

3. Publish the article, would look like this in your article.

This location direct to Google Maps.
Examples can be found here.