Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yuri Nikulin's 90th Birthday

Google Doodle Russia, today (December 18, 2011) come with a theme Yuri Nikulin's 90th Birthday.
Who is Yuri Nikulin?

Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin (December 18, 1921 - August 21, 1997) - Soviet and Russian actor and clown, who played in many popular Soviet films. People's Artist of USSR (1973). Hero of Socialist Labor (1990). Member of the CPSU (B) in 1943.

Born December 18, 1921, in Demidova (now the Smolensk region). His father, Vladimir A. Nikulin (1898-1964), demobilized from the Red Army and graduated from the Political Education Departments courses, arranged in the Drama Theatre in Demidov. There was also an actress and his mother, Lidia Nikulin (1902-1979).

In 1925 his family moved to Moscow.

November 8, 1939 he was drafted into the army, served in the 115th anti-aircraft artillery regiment. During the Soviet-Finnish war, anti-aircraft battery, where he served, was under Sestroretsk and protected the air approaches to Leningrad. In the Great Patriotic War, fought near Leningrad until 1943. In spring 1943, caught pneumonia and was sent to Leningrad hospital, and immediately after discharge was wounded during the air attack on Leningrad. After his discharge in August 1943, Nikulin was sent to the 72th Anti-Aircraft Division under separate Kolpino. Was discharged in May 1946 with the rank of sergeant, during the war, he was awarded medals "For courage", "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For Victory over Germany".

After the war, tried to do in Cinematography and Theatre Institute, where he was not accepted because the Commission did not detect it in acting ability. In the end, he entered the studio at the Moscow Circus Clown on the colored avenue. After graduation, began working as an assistant with the extraordinarily popular clown then a pencil. Working with him, met Yuri Nikulin and Mikhail Shuydinym. Together with a pencil and Nikulin Shuydin repeatedly went on tour around the country and recruited circus experience. Nikulin has worked with a pencil two and a half years, when in 1950 and Nikulin Shuydin together away from a pencil because of work conflict. Starting to work independently, they were famous clown duo and Shuydin Nikulin, although the nature of artists were quite different.

Nikulin has ceased to act, when he was 60 years old, in 1981, and moved to the position of chief director of the circus on the colored avenue. Since 1982, Nikulin - director of the circus. When it was built for the circus entirely new building, which was opened in 1989. Total construction lasted four years.

Yuri worked in the circus home for 50 years.

Biography of Yuri Nikulin

Name at birth              Yuri Nikulin
Date of Birth                December 18, 1921 (18/12/1921)
Place of Birth               Demidov, Smolensk Province, RSFSR
Date of death               August 21, 1997 (8/21/1997) (75)
Place of death              Moscow, Russia
Citizenship                   The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics USSR → Russian Federation Russian Federation
Profession                    actor, circus - a clown, singer, director of the circus, TV

Hero of Socialist Labor - 1990
Order "For merits before Fatherland» III degree
Order of Lenin - 1980 Order of Lenin - 1990 Order of the Patriotic War 2nd degree Order of Red Banner of Labor
Order "Badge of Honor"
Medal "For Courage"
The medal "For Labour Valour"
The medal "For the Defense of Leningrad"
Medal "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945."
People's Artist of the USSR State Prize in 1973, the RSFSR Vasiliev brothers - 1970