Wednesday, 8 February 2012

伊藤若冲 生誕 296 周年 - Ito Jakuchu's 296th Birthday

Google Doodle today (February 08, 2012) in Japan come with a theme 藤若冲 生誕 296 周年 or Ito Jakuchu's 296th Birthday.

Who is Itō Jakuchū?
Itō Jakuchū March 1, 1994 February 8, Masanori years (1716 -) 27 September 10 October 12 years Kansei (1800). Jakuchu Ito, one of the painter of modern Japan. Painter who was active in the mid-Edo Period Kyoto. The name (gold gradually) thou-chun, character is the sum of Kay (I total). There is a article that initially the issue Church and spring (today Shun), examples of their use has not been found. Tomai hermitage Gosu (Beian units), with (you should Itoo) Okina Doo rice.

Many of his paintings concern traditionally Japanese subjects, particularly chickens and other birds. Many of his otherwise traditional works display a great degree of experimentation with perspective, and with other very modern stylistic elements.

Be a sequence Shose 蕭白 Soga, and reed snow Nagasawa as skillfully fused realism and imagination "painter of conceit."

Some of his work include:

For more about Itō Jakuchū read via wikipedia.