Friday, 24 February 2012

Head Vabariigi aastapäeva! - Happy Anniversary of the Republic!

Google Doodle today February 24, 2012 in Estonia come with a theme Head Vabariigi aastapäeva!
Or Happy Anniversary of the Republic!

The GOOGLE logo formed with Estonia flag colors, blue, black and white.
In the letter "O" picture what it is? you know?

 Estonia's Independence Day is an independent state of Estonia is due.

24th Anniversary of Estonian Republic February, to mark the proclamation of the Republic of Estonia 1918th of 24 February. On that day, was published in Tallinn, "Manifesto to All Peoples" which proclaimed an independent and democratic Republic of Estonia. 24th February is a public holiday and the Estonian Independence Day.

History of the chosen date of 24 February as the day of independence, can you read on wikipedia.