Thursday, 23 February 2012

이효석 탄생 105주년 - 105th Birthday of Lee Hyo

Google Doodle today (February 23, 2012) in Korea come with a theme 이효석 탄생 105주년 or 105th Birthday of Lee Hyo.
GO and LE letters formed from the stems and flowers at the ends.
While the letters OG depicted holding two men, who carry loads on his back, was crossing the river (or flood). Sorry I did not have an overview of the current image google.

Lee Hyo (李孝 石, 1907 년 2 January 2nd ~ May 25, 1942) plus the arc (可 山), and Pyeongchang, Kangwon (平昌) was born in Korea's leading short story writer.

1 hard gobo (current game in high school) through rigid Imperial College (department of Seoul National University) School of Law and a BA in English and, in 1928, "joseonjigwang (朝鲜 之 光)" short for "Cities and Ghosts" released by becoming a companion writers (同伴 者 作家) made his debut as a. Continue to "march (行进 曲)", "slant (奇遇)" and published writer with liquidation, while the contrasting ways (九 人 会) to participate in, "Money (豚)", "cock", and works with local dark presented.

Pyongyang, Soongsil College in 1934 and became a professor of the "mountain", "s" to commune with nature, including fluent handwriting to a depiction of essays have announced. 1930s, Korea in 1936 depicting beautiful rural communities 'fire' was released. However, many of the country's life was far from Lee Hyo. Enjoy the West saw the movie, from the West are watching the performances of singers and dancers were losing the soul of city life was his life. Then emit an atmosphere of western "rose byeongdeulda," judged by the work dealing with homosexuality, "Pollen (花粉)" continued to publish, and the star (性) instincts and followed the opening of new works was also a tendency to attract attention. Lee Tae Park Tae Won as well as at the time, was valued at a typical short story writer.

20000000000000000 won in 1940 and the second daughter after the loss of his wife depressed, affecting the health work activities by actively mothada, died in 1942 spotted fever.

If the mother's ashes in Gangwon trite and palms, but highway construction in 1972 due to gel to the mountain highway was sided chapter. However, due to the expansion of highways in 1998 Paju gel tanhyeonmyeon adore fairy tales were in the park this chapter.

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