Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Takashi Murakami

In some countries, today began the summer. Google doodle come up with the work of Takashi Murakami. It was a beautiful work.

Takashi Murakami (ζ‘δΈŠ ιš†, Murakami Takashi?, born in Tokyo) is a prolific contemporary Japanese artist who works in both fine arts media—such as painting—as well as digital and commercial media. He blurs the boundaries between high and low art. He appropriates popular themes from mass media and pop culture, then turns them into thirty-foot sculptures, "Superflat" paintings, or marketable commercial goods such as figurines or phone caddies.


Takashi Murakami's work:

Other works of Takashi Murakami can you search on google.

Birth name     Takashi Murakami
Born              1963, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality     Japanese